Birth Services

“A woman in birth is at once her most powerful, and most vulnerable.
But any woman who has birthed unhindered understands that we are stronger than we know.”

~ Marcie Macari

Birthing for many couples can be daunting. Some of our birth services may be new to you. Please take some time to explore the information available and the links to help you make a comfortable decision about the use of these services to improve your birthing goals and experience.


Placenta Remedies

Encapsulation, Tinctures and much more

Placenta encapsulation is nature's way of helping women heal and restore energy after birth. Once you birth, you can have a sudden drop in hormones. This can lead to decreased milk supply, sadness or "baby blues," fatigue, low iron. Placenta capsules may balance out your hormones and moderate your mood, energy, and physical healing leading to a happier and more energetic postpartum period.

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Want to know more about the remedies 

Labour & Birth Doula

Birthing for many couples can be daunting. You might not want, or be allowed to have someone extra than your partner to be with you when you give birth, but doing the Birth Rehearsal and having your Doula on standby for a call is reassuring and will give you the confidence you need to both bring your baby in the world.

Research studies show that doulas can enhance the birthing experience. So why not prepare your partner to be "your doula" by your side? 
With years of experience and knowledge, we can help you feel that you are not alone and in control. Whether you are choosing a natural or pain managed birth; in a public or private hospital, we are here for you and your partner every step of the way. Schedule a free appointment for a free chat about this amazing service for you and your partner.

Birth Planning Consultations

No decision is wrong unless its uninformed

Take time to discuss your preferences for your birth so you feel secure in the knowledge of your decisions. Explore what the research recommends get help in asking those difficult questions that will help your birth team provide the best birth for you and your baby.

Homeopathy for Labour and Birth

Great to have in Birth Bag

As a Doula, I never go to birth without my homeopathic kit. A  great natural way to support your labour and birth without unnecessary medical intervention.
Request a call with Mina Weight if Homeopathy is not familiar to you or you would like a consult and she will explain everything. Worthwhile exploring!

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